Keeping Dry Out Systems Away

What’s the difference between a flooded home and a dry home?

Different Causes of Water Damage

Many people think that water removal companies get a great deal of business from rain and flooding. Some think that we remove water from mostly homes that have a pipe burst in the wall. Still others think the majority of our business comes from water removal from a roof leak or ice dam.

Reduce the Need for Water Removal

While these are many of the causes of water damage that we see from flooded homes year in and year out, there is one cause that gives us a great number of the largest water damage claims that we handle. In fact, it is one of the most preventable cause of home flooding that we encounter. Worse, this type of cause usually floods the whole house very quickly necessitating emergency water removal and drying.

So what is the difference between a flooded home and a dry home? One difference, is the change from standard rubber hoses on washers and refrigerators to the steel braided kind. For less than $20 per appliance, you could reduce the risk of a flooded home and reduce the need to pay a large deductible that could easily go toward great summer fun!

As much as we love new business, we do not love the stress it causes on our customers. So believe us when we tell you how to keep us away. Change those lines today. If you ever do need us, we are just 30 minutes away in most cases! 907-332-0335