5 Items Waiting to Flood Your Home

Water can have a devastating effect on the personal items and the structure of your home if a flood should occur. One moment everything is okay, and the next, water is everywhere. Dry Out Systems has identified five items in your home that can wreak havoc in a matter of minutes. These items are used regularly throughout your home. They see a great deal of use and are easily forgotten about. Use this list to inspect these items and to remind yourself of their age to see if replacement may be around the corner.

Hot Water Heater Tips


  • About 75 percent of tank water heaters fail by the time they’re 12 years old
  • 70 percent of water heater failures are from leaks or burst tanks
  • What to look for: Check your water heat tank regularly for leaks. Have your water heater tank maintained on an annual basis. Have your water heater tank inspected to include flushing the tank, inspecting the anode rod, examining shut-off values and checking water heater piping. Installing a catch pan with a drain to channel water out on older water heaters in case of a small leak is a good practice.
  • Replace your water heater every 10 years.

Average damage cost estimate: $4,600

Dishwasher Tips


  • Your home’s dishwasher has a life span of about 10-12 years.
  • What to look for: Inspect the drain line where it connects to under-sink plumbing. Check the water supply line. If a leak is present replace immediately. It is recommended to use a steel braided hose over the standard hose to increase its longevity.
  • This is something everyone does from time-to-time but it is not recommended: you shouldn’t run the dishwasher while away from home.

Average damage cost estimate: $5,700

Air Conditioner Tips


  • If you have an attic air conditioner be aware if it leaks it can cause a great deal of water damage due to its location.
  • What to look for: check to see if you have a secondary drain line and drain pan overflow switch, if not consider having one installed.
  • Have your air conditioner maintained on a regular basis to include checking the refrigerant level and changing the filter.

Average damage cost estimate: $5300

Washing Machine Tips


  • More than half of all water damage occurring in homes is due to washing machine hoses breaking.
  • What to look for: Inspect hoses once a month. Look for signs of damage to the hoses such as cracks, bulges, discoloration, even kinks. Have a professional replace damaged hoses.
  • Turn off the water supply to the washing machine when you go on vacation.

Average damage cost estimate: $6400

Refrigerator Tips


  • The main cause for refrigerator water leaks is the ice-maker
  • The life span of an ice maker is less than that of the refrigerator, as low as five years.
  • What to look for: Check to see if you have copper water lines, consider replacing with braided steel as an alternative. Inspect the water supply line located behind the refrigerator annually. Check the compression nut and tighten if loose to prevent a slow drip from causing water damage.

Average damage cost estimate: $3300

Dry Out Systems can assist if any of these household items should ever leak and cause water damage. Our quick response and professional water removal and water restoration services will get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Please contact us immediately if you experience a water emergency.