Fire Damage

Cleanup and Smoke Order Removal

All of us at Dry Out Systems understand how devastating a fire can be to your property and your family. We take the extra step to make sure the transition is as easy as possible for you.

Property damaged by fire and smoke must be treated quickly and effectively. Fires emit many chemicals and soot requiring special chemicals and techniques to get your property back to a livable state. Further, smoke odor penetrates and absorbs deep into the building materials, such as drywall and wood studs. Dry Out Systems technicians have the knowledge to permanently remove these stubborn odors and thoroughly clean everything effected.

Fire Damage

Our Fire Damage and Smoke Odor Removal Services Include:

  • Direct Insurance Company Billing
  • Complete fire and smoke damage assessment
  • Complete clean-up for fire damaged property
  • Specialized soot and smoke odor removal
  • Specialized content cleaning, deodorization, restoration, and documentation
  • Contents pack out and storage
  • Soda blasting of structural materials
  • Complete repairs after fire and smoke cleanup is completed
  • 3rd party testing (to guarantee remediation efforts were successful)
  • IICRC Certified

Water Damage After a Fire

Water damage often accompanies fire damage due to the breaking of water pipes during the fire. Additionally, the efforts of the fire fighters to extinguish the flames will also cause water damage. Dry Out Systems technicians have the knowledge and state of the art equipment to find and remove the residual water from the structure. Learn More.

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  • I greatly appreciate the support we received from Bo. He was very professional and did an excellent job of evaluating the situation quickly and providing me with a solution

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    Jimmy Mateaki

  • The rapid response of the friendly, professional, and ready to work staff, made dealing with the crisis at hand much easier. The skillful way the workmanship was accomplished put our minds at ease. We will recommend this company to anyone in need of their services.

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  • Very satisfied with the services! Great price and great service. I will never use “the other guys” again!!

    Kim Clarkson

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